Wednesday, 9 March 2011


You are not a three letter word
You are my love, you are my life
You are my smile…romance too
You are very special

You create mood
You keep me happy
You keep me warm in the cold nights
You keep me cool when my temper goes high

You do fun with me
You make me naughty
You make me smile when I cry
You touch me softly even when I am in dirt

You think about me
You give me dreams
You give me hopes
You fill joy in me
You treat me sweet

 You are my heart
You are my dream
You are my journey
You are my past
Present and future too

You make me feel special
You guide me when I confuse
You care me when I need it badly

You don’t have time, but
You always create time for me
You are the symbol of perfectness
You are the dream of every human

You mean lot to me..
You are the ray from heaven
You are the beam of sunset
You are the spirit and heaven too

You are the person with biggest heart
You are the person with beautiful smile
You know how to take care of beloved

 You mean lot to me..
You are not a three letter word

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